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Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding SHE Rescue Home, how individuals and companies are able to be involved, and financial partnership.

If you do not see your questions listed below, please feel free to contact us.

About SHE

Do you rescue the girls?

The SHE Rescue Home does not directly "rescue" girls, but by working in co-operation with other anti-trafficking organizations within Cambodia, such as International Justice Missions or SISHA,  rescues are carried out by highly specialized staff in cooperation with the local police enforcement.  Girls who are brought to the SHE Rescue Home have been, or are at risk of being, raped, trafficked or prostituted.  

The number of young girls rescued over the past few years has slowly began to decline. However, unfortunately this has not been due to a decrease in the number of young girls being trafficked.  A large contributing factor to the decrease in rescues is the corruption inspired by poverty present in a third world country. 

Do you reintegrate the girls back to their families?

Yes! We recognize the importance and benefits of children maintaining healthy connections with their families and communities, and facilitating community access for the children in our care is a critical element of best practice. When it is safe to do so, children are in contact with their families and family visitation and assessments occur within the first two weeks of a girl arriving at the SHE Rescue Home.  Where necessary supervised family visitation occurs while constant assessment and efforts are made towards progressing the ultimate goal of seeing each girl reintegrated back into her family.

For girls whose families live locally in Phnom Penh, we are able to facilitate a minimum of fortnightly supervised family visits while for those in the provinces, monthly visits are organised. IT'S NOT OK Projects work closely with the families of the girls to provide them with life skills training and parenting and budgeting skills, to aid the families in creating a safer environment to which the girls can return as soon as possible.  

To assist in accelerating the process, we have developed a Family Assistance Program which provides a means of sustainable income to alleviate poverty.  As we work towards reintegration, the visits progress to longer unsupervised visits and weekends or for a few days over national holidays which are significant family times. 

The families may not be the problem… we would never willingly reintegrate a girl into an unsafe environment.

Where are you located?

IT'S NOT OK Projects has an office based in Brisbane, Australia. This office looks after fundraising, our aftercare shelter and Home of Hope are based in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

How much money does it cost to help one girl that has been rescued?

The costs involved with helping each rescued girl varies depending on her situation and needs. However there are some average costs we are able to provide.

The average cost to support one girl in our After Care Shelter is $33 USD per day.

The average cost to support one girl in our Home Of Hope is $60 USD per day. This is roughly $22 000 USD per year. We have one girl in the Home Of Hope who has intellectual and physical disabilities.

The average cost to support one girl who has been reintegrated  with their family is $3 USD per day. This is roughly $1 000 USD per year.


Can I receive updates about the SHE Rescue Home?

You can sign up to receive our quarterly e-newsletter

How do I get Armbands, Gift Bags and Brochures?

You can order our IT'S NOT OK and SPEAK UP armbands and giftbags at our online store. To custom order armbands or giftbags please click here.  You can contact us for brochures.

What is SHE Rescue Homes relationship with local governments and NGO’s?

We received our Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Foreign Affairs in June 2009, followed by a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation (MOSVY) in November 2009. Our Cambodian staff continue to work closely with MOSVY to see girls safely reintegrated back to their families. 

SHE Rescue Home also partners with a number of local NGO’s such as Chab Dai, World Hope, SISHA, Open Arms and Empowering Cambodia.

Can I volunteer with SHE Rescue Home in Cambodia?

Yes! There are opportunities to get involved with SHE Rescue Home in Cambodia and Australia. We do however have limited number of spaces available in our Cambodian volunteer program. For more information, please visit the volunteer’s page.

Can I send a gift to the girls in the shelter?

Yes! You or your company are more than welcome to send gifts to the girls in our home. 

SHE Rescue Home is committed to valuing the live's of the girls in our care in every way possible. Please note your gifts will be screened before being sent to the home. 

General gift guidelines:

  • Toiletry items - toothbrushes, toothpaste, delousing shampoo, female hygiene products, etc
  • Clothing items - can be second-hand but please ensure these items are of good quality. We are in constant need of jeans, track suits and new shoes
  • Gift items – colouring in books, crayons, notebooks, nail polish, jewellery etc

We would love for you or your company to donate goods/items/clothing for the girls in our home and their families. If you are interested in doing so please contact our Brisbane Office.


How can my organization support SHE Rescue Home?

Your organization can support SHE Rescue Home in a number of ways:

  • Consider becoming a corporate financial supporter of SHE. Click here to become a monthly partner or to give a one-time gift
  • Consider hosting an awareness event or featuring SHE Rescue Home at your conference or meeting.
  • Consider a corporate donation of goods/products for SHE Rescue Home shelter
  • Consider ordering our custom made armbands or gift bags for your next event

Community Organisation/Churches

Can my conference or event feature SHE Rescue Home? How can I incorporate SHE Rescue Home into my event?

For approved events, we are able to provide promotional videos, brochures, wristbands, and SHE Rescue Home representatives. We would love the opportunity to attend your event/conference to sell our merchandise, as this is one of our makor way of raising funds. 

We also ask that you do not use SHE Rescue Home logo without first obtaining permission, and that your event is clearly in support of SHE Rescue Home, rather than to be hosted by SHE Rescue Home.

Our founder Leigh Ramsey and our staff are also available to speak at events. Please fill out our contact form to see if she is available

Through your event you can also support the SHE Rescue Home by ordering custom armbands or brunch bags for your event. Click here to find out about custom orders. 


How is She Rescue Home funded?

The She Rescue Home is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our primary source of funding comes from the generosity of individuals, businesses, community organisations and churches from around the world who have a passion to fight the atrocity of human trafficking.

100% of child sponsorship funds are used for the SHE Rescue Home and all administration and fundraising costs have been, and will continue to be met by separate fundraising activities.

Our expenses are broken down in the following piechart:

Can I donate by cheque or direct debit?

Yes. You can donate via our website using a credit card, or paypal. You can also donate by sending a cheque, or by arranging a direct debit through your bank or internet banking facility. Please make all cheques payable to SHE Cares. If in Australia cheques can be mailed to SHE Rescue Home, PO Box 2111, Mansfield, QLD, Australia 4122. If in the USA checks can be mailed to SHE Rescue Home/She Cares, PO Box 381, Lafayette, CO, 80026, USA

Where does the money go?

Money donated to SHE Rescue Home provides crucial funds for addressing the issue of human trafficking in Cambodia. We are committed to ensuring that the funds we have been entrusted with are used effectively to fight trafficking.

Our After Care Shelter provides basic essentials such as housing, clothes, toiletries, beds, food, and access to medical care, psychological care, recreational activities, language training, life guidance, legal assistance, and reintegration for victims of human trafficking. The average cost of providing this kind of care for survivors is $33 USD per day, per survivor.

Are the donations tax deductible?

Any donation given over the value of $2 is tax deductible. However any items or tickets purchased are not tax deductible.

I want to use SHE Rescue Home logo on a product/promotional material. How can I get this?

SHE Rescue Home does not allow the SHE Rescue Home logo to be used for representation reasons. Instead, we have designed the "Proudly Supporting" logo that can you can gain approval for using by contacting us.