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Sponsorship means a future for a child, a hope and an opportunity for her to reach her dreams and have her family restored.



Your donation, no matter how big or small, will help to transform a life and support the SHE Rescue Home.


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A great way for you to partner and see not only the life of a girl changed but that of her entire family is to donate in part or full to one of the following urgent project needs.


The information below will give you a greater understanding in how your giving is an integral part of the solution in breaking the cycle of poverty.

As our social work team partner with the families of girls in our care they encounter a variety of challenges that these families face day after day that keep the family in unhealthy, unstable and unsafe living conditions.

For instance, if they do not have access to sanitary living conditions, safe drinking water and a healthy diet, they are constantly sick and lacking energy . This often means they find it difficult to keep regular, well paid jobs and spend much of the money they do have on medication. Without work they live in financial insecurity and are forced to live in sub standard living conditions with a poor diet, and the cycle continues. Furthermore their children have very little option but to help subsidise their parent’s income by working themselves and this means they don’t attend school or training and often find themselves in vulnerable situations - thus the cycle becomes not only day-by-day but also generational.

To turn the tide on this downward spiral of poverty is almost impossible without assistance.


The items listed below are ways in which you can tangibly help turn a family’s downward spiral, into an upward one. Whether it’s providing a small business start-up for a family to increase their monthly income, a water well for safe drinking water, a toilet for safer and more sanitary living, or a house and plot of land so that a family can escape a highly dangerous and detrimental living circumstance, these donations are vital pieces of the restorative puzzle and our reintegration process.

We thank you for being their answer and giving them a hand up to break this cycle!


In all of the projects that are sponsored for our families we want to ensure that they are delivered well, with the highest quality materials and in the timeliest manner. There are some challenges however that we like our sponsors to know in case these challenges causes delays to the project delivery. Sourcing skilled labourers and materials can prove difficult and scheduling appropriate training and social workers to implement the project also varies in time depending on the case. Even something such as a family crisis during the implementation can cause delays.

These challenges certainly won’t prevent the project being completed and we will endeavour to keep you updated throughout the journey. If such a delay occurs we ask for your patience as we partner with the families in need and work through them together.

*If excess funds are received they may be applied to other approved project activities.


SHE Home Computers

Within the SHE Rescue Home, our classroom allows the girls in our care to receive extra classes each day including Khmer, Mathematics, English, and computers. Unfortunately, many of our computers are very old and are in need of replacement. We need five new computers to ensure that all of our girls have the opportunity to continue in their computer classes. We have had one computer sponsored. 
One new computers costs $500
Cost 500
Child photo
Girl Ratha
Age 20
Grade Vocational Training - Hospitality

Ratha is going home!

Ratha came to the SHE Rescue Home in 2014 when she was 6 months pregnant. Her daughter is now 18 months old and they are ready to reintegrate to independent living in a supported community for young mothers. While she has been at the SHE Rescue Home she has completed a hospitality vocational program and she is now work in a high-end café. She will be needing a whole house worth of furniture and equipment for her new home including kitchen equipment, toys, rice and food basics, a bicycle, and beds. Her reintegration cost will be $600. Thanks you for being an integral part of her next step to regaining her life and freedom.

Cost $600
Child photo
Girl Kimny
Age 14
Grade Life skills

A cow for Kimny

Kimny is 14 years old and came to the SHE Rescue Home in 2014 after her adoptive family noticed symptoms of sexual abuse has occurred. Last month she was reintegrated home.  She has learning difficulties but finally passed grade 1 last year after 2 attempts. Instead of going to school in the provinces her mother is going to be teaching her  life skills for living at home. She would like to also learn how to raise cows which could  help bring in extra income for the family. A pregnant cow can be purchased for $750. Thanks for assisting this family financially but more importantly for giving Kimny a new found purpose.


Cost $750
Child photo
Girl Champey
Age 10
Grade 3

Help Champey’s mother walk!

Champey (not her real name) is 10 years old and came to the SHE Rescue Home in 2013. She was reintegrated home to her family in 2014 and the family have done well working in the Family assistance Program. Recently her mother has had a lot of back pain. At a recent hospital visit she had a scan of her back and discovered she will need urgent surgery or she will lose the ability to walk. The surgery, rehabilitation and hospital cost will cost $1,500.  It is medical situations like these where the family suffer loss of income and borrow money to cover the medical bills where girls are extremely vulnerable to sexual exploitation. In Champey’s case we are determined to assist the family so that this does not happen.


Cost $1500
Child photo
Girl Chaya
Age 14
Grade 5

A moto for Chaya

Chaya (not her real name) came into the care of the SHE Rescue Home in 2013 and was reintegrated home to 2014. She has been riding her bicycle to school but it has broken and she will need a motorbike to replace it as she starts high school soon and as it is further away from her home it would not be safe for her to cycle that distance. This will make an incredible difference not only to her life but also that of her family. She will be able to use the moto to get to school safely and assist her grandmother with shopping at the local food markets. By sponsoring this project you will be making a difference in the long term safety and empowerment of a girl and her family.

Thank you for her support!

Cost $1250

New bikes for the girls in the SHE Rescue Home

Physical exercise, fun and safety are all important elements of the care we provide.

Living in a high security home with locked gates and security guards means there there are no opportunities to play out in the street. A well as weekly park outings, one of the girl’s favourite activities is a weekend bike ride to explore the neighbourhood with their house mums. Our current bikes are getting old and are constantly needing to be repaired. We would love to buy the girls new bikes to ensure they are not only safe on the rides but not constantly breaking down!

The cost of each bike is $70 and we need 10. The total cost of the new equipment is $700. We would love for you to contribute any amount towards these new bikes!

Cost $700

4x4 Vehicle for Family Visits

Part of our holistic care is our commitment to ensure that the girls in the care of the SHE Rescue Home maintain a close relationship with their families with regular family visits back home. Our girl’s families are spread all over Cambodia, and this means a lot of driving and miles on our vehicle. With our social workers visiting the families of 44 girls (this includes reintegrated girls that we visit and assist for a minimum of 3 years), our social workers are regularly going to every province in Cambodia!

With the roads in Cambodia not being in great condition this means driving for many hours over roads with large potholes and many unsealed roads. Our current 4WD has been slowly dying and has been spending more time in the repair shop than on the road that means we have to hire a replacement vehicle which is very costly.

To not only save money on vehicle hire but to ensure the safety, security and family connections for the girls in the SHE Rescue Home we are in need of a new 4WD!

Your contribution to this vehicle will allow for the continued wellbeing of the girls in the SHE Home and allow us to provide financial, emotional and practical support to them and their families.

The cost for this project is approx $50,000 (US)


Cost $50000

Emergency medical treatment

Many girls and their families come from the province with no life skills education or training and are often sick for various reasons, ranging from consuming unclean foods and water to contracting diseases through mosquitoes. Some common illnesses our families deal with are tuberculosis, typhoid, food poisoning,mosquito born illnesses, skin conditions, diabetes, reproductive health issues and infections from untreated injuries. Medical centres are scarce in the provinces and families often borrow money to travel to Phnom Penh for proper treatment. This leads to financial stress as they build up interest and are unable to work to pay off the loan while they are being treated. By donating towards emergency medical treatment, it can alleviate financial stress and can help a family get back on their feet without worrying about debt. The cost of emergency medical treatment starts from $300 that covers the consultation and treatment, transport to and from the province, overnight accommodation if needed and food. 

Cost $300

Support the SHE girl’s healing process by providing extra training of her counsellor and social worker.

Our incredible Khmer staff constantly look to improve their skills so that they can provide the best possible care and support for the girls. Sokha is one of our social workers, that works diligently to find safe and healthy reintegration options for the girls she works with. She also ensures that girls who have already been reintegrated continue to be safe, thriving and working towards a bright future. She would love to attend further training to increase her knowledge and skills in parenting training, mental health training, child protection training, trauma training, mental health training and/or sexual assault counselling training, so that this can be passed on to the girls and families she works with.

The cost of this training course including training materials is $300.

Cost $300

Reintegration Packs

The goal for the SHE Rescue Home is always for the girls in our care to be safely reintegrated to their family. There are many factors that are considered before a girl can go home. To assist in ensuring their safety we provide reintegration packs that includes

Phone and credit - $35
Bicycle - $85
Bicycle pump - $20
Water filter - $17
Photo album and printing - $13
General school, hygiene supplies etc - $50
Mosquito net - $15
Travel costs home - $290
Jewellery gift - $25

The total cost of a reintegration pack is $550 

Cost $550