Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship means a future for a child, a hope and an opportunity for her to reach her dreams and have her family restored.



Your donation, no matter how big or small, will help to transform a life and support the SHE Rescue Home.


Keep Informed

Stay up to date with the SHE Rescue Home's volunteering; sponsorship; advocacy; and mission trip, news.


Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.
— Proverbs 31:8

Our mandate is to make a difference in the lives of the "ones" because “to succumb to the enormity of the problem” would mean we fail the one! We are determined to not fail the one! We would love for you to consider joining us as a SHE Advocate!

Advocates join with us to bring awareness about human trafficking to the people you already in your world and assist IT'S NOT OK Projects in raising funds. As an advocate there is no expectations on what you do, or how much you will do. We are very grateful for whatever it is that you can do by using what God has already put in your hand to use!!!! We continue to witness that through a lot of people, each doing a little, we can change the world!!

Advocates receive monthly updates about what is happening in the SHE Home and information relating to human trafficking which will equip advocatess to confidently represent IT'S NOT OK Projects. Advocates are also equiped with resources such as collection tins, fliers, and promo DVD’S. Advocates can also sell the "IT'S NOT OK" and “SPEAK UP” armbands ($3 each). Advocates can encourage businesses and churches, within their sphere of influence to support the SHE Rescue Home by ordering custom made armbands with their own colours and wording.

The ways you can raise awareness of the atrocities of human trafficking are only limited by your imagination. Some inspiring adovcate events to date have been:

  • Cupcake for A Cause day!;
  • spring clean and a garage sale;
  • selling SHE merchandise to a local markets;
  • hosting a High Tea to raise awareness and funds - could be as simple or as extravagent as you would like;
  • make jewellery to sell;
  • selling flowers for Mother's Day - at your church or local group;
  • putting posters in your business with fundraising tins and armbands to sell;
  • hosting a fundraising dinner, Ii you want one of our representatives to speak, please just let us know;
  • writing a blog about why we should fight human trafficking;
  • write a song about the atrocity of human trafficking;
  • organising to talk about human trafficking at a local event; and
  • If you are studying Social Justice, how about making your next research assignment about human trafficking.



Make a difference by praying for the girls in the SHE Rescue Home, for their families and for the ones that are yet to be rescued. Its through God’s love and grace that these girls lives are changed for eternity. To receive our monthly prayer newsletter please contact us. 


SHE Merchandise Party

Invite some friends over for a cup of tea, and the opportunity to shop for a cause. We will provide all the SHE merchandise, a cash float and an eftpos machine. Please contact us if you would like to host a SHE Merchandise Party!

Please note - Brisbane, QLD area ONLY

SHE Fundraising Tin

These tins are an ideal way to raise funds and awareness for the SHE Rescue Home and the issue of human trafficking. You can place them in your workplace or business, and invite your customers to make a difference to the lives of girls in Cambodia. Or you can have it at home for your family to fill with their loose change.


Please contact us if you would like a tin sent to you.

Human trafficking has been on the fringe of the public eye for too long, and you can play your part in bringing it into the light.

Love that TOGETHER we can do much! We can't do what we do without you!

For more information please email: